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Greenbelt City Council, residents, speak out against Maglev during special meeting

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  1. J. Walker says:

    The comment raised by councilwoman Mach is absolute nonsense. How is this project a threat to national security? There is a highway that runs right next to the NSA headquarters, is that a national security threat too? On the highway, people are able to control their own vehicles and possibly stop outside of the building. The train will be moving 200+ MPH and will be operated by a trained professional in a locked room, like an airplane. I could see the argument against the noise during construction, but national security seems like a reach. What about the security threat of 2,000 people dying every month in automobile accidents? I also find it interesting that they invited an expert to come to explain aspects of the project to them only to pretend they know more than him and that he is lying. “I don’t understand how people will not be able to hear that.” Well because the train has no moving parts, thus no vibration, thus no noise that’s how. I know it is the American thing to do to oppose any non-automobile means of transport as hard as you can, but at least have some legitimate concerns.

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