Town Hall meeting draws opposition to highway expansion

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  1. Jay says:

    The Congressman’s position on this project has left me puzzled. This is an interstate commerce issue. What good would increased development around metro stations and increased expansion of mass transit do to reduce the impact on the growth of big rigs, interstate buses and single cars who move over our highways as they make their way from the northeast to places south and west of the DMV.
    It is true that some traffic particularly around rush hours involves residents from Prince Georges and Montgomery County driving over to Virginia to work.

    However, the assertion that if we build more capacity, that alone will attract more use is false. As our country grows, more people will travel through our region. In a perfect world, an outer beltway might better move the thru traffic, however, an outer loop is mere dream.

    The reality is that a toll hating Virginia understands what needed to be done and built toll lanes on I-66 and I-495. Maryland needs to get with the program.

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